Before We Begin.

Since our humble beginning, Union Point Church has always been about one mission, "Lifting Jesus and Others UP".  The year 2023 brought us many turns in the road.  New opportunities met with new challenges.  Through it all we saw the church grow and expand in our mission efforts.  We are thankful for what Jesus has done in and through each of us in this family as co-laborers and ambassadors of His kingdom.
As well, we invite you to read through with an ever prayerful focus of offering up prayers for the upcoming year.  Let's pray together that Jesus would continue to do immeasurably more as we seek to Lift Him and others UP.

The Leadership of Union Point

Aaron Golden
Lead Elder | Pastor



2023 Average Weekly Attendance (325 NB | 105 East)


210 Adults and 45 kids in 16  different Community Groups.


Baptisms (13 NB | 16 East)


Children Dedicated (3 NB | 3 East)


Total Partners in  2023


Partners Added in 2023


Dollars Towards Outside Mission.


Christmas Star tree individuals provided for.


Table project food distribution


In light of the Gospel, we see that Jesus gave everything as a sacrifice and to worship God.  In Jesus, we see that God withheld nothing from us but gave all for our sake, for His purpose of reconciliation and redemption.  This perspective is the way we continually view everything in our lives, especially when it comes to financial offerings through the local church.  Because of your obedience, we have seen ministry expanded, local families in need reached and missions/planting efforts funded regionally and abroad.  As you read/examine, give thanks to God for his provisions and faithfulness and pray that we would be able to accomplish even more through Him in 2024. 


The below information is a complete Annual review with combined campus balance and income statements. 
As well, this report contains all rental income and expenditures associated with leased space at New Bern Campus.


Below in the giving trend graph you will notice a substantial decrease over the three year period associated with line item "Designated Giving.
The following listed are the major contributors to this year to year decrease.  
2021: Advance Building Fund Campaign associated with the purchase of property for New Bern Campus 2912 Trent Rd. New Bern NC. 
2022: East Campus Launch: These were funds raised to help equip and finance the launch of our East Campus in Otway, NC
Union Point Church operates in accordance with the greater Wesleyan Church, and financially functions within their oversight and discretion.  As well, all financial activity is overseen and directed as a registered 501(c)(3) and by the leadership of the Eldership Board/Team.

Charlie Curtis
CFO | Elder


The word.

At Union Point, we place high priority in teaching the scriptures.  Whether through books of the Bible, connecting with the Narrative, or examining how the Gospel penetrates our lives, we believe the word empowered by the Spirit breathes life into our souls.  Click one of the links below to listen in on past series or catch up on the most recent.

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Meet the team.


Aaron Golden

Lead Pastor

Charles Curtis

 Financials (CFO)

Jonathan Griffin

Lead Pastor|East Campus

Dale Moore

Discipleship | Teaching

Brian Saunders

Marketplace Shepherd

Blake Kennedy 

Marketplace Shepherd

Beth Walker

Marketplace Shepherd


Mandy VanDomelen

Point Peeps (NB)

Jordan Alsbrook

The Exchange Student Ministry (NB)

Lenee' Golden

Worship | Production (NB)

Teresa Zaytoun-Wall

Executive Administration

Kristi Kennedy

Hospitality (NB)

Chris Lewis

Production (NB)

Sara Elder

Point Peeps (East)

Tracy Merkley

Worship | Production (East)

Pam Griffin

Hospitality (East)

Kim Overby

Administration (East)




2023 was yet another incredible year.  At the New Bern Campus we saw moments of God's faithfulness.  With the launching of East Campus back in 2022, this past year has brought with it many shifts, changes and learning experiences along the way.  Regardless the campus, future or present, 2023 has reminded us that multiplication brings with it great sacrifice and challenge.

We are ever growing into a family of local churches on mission to lift Jesus and others in ENC. 

  With 13 people being baptized and claiming allegiance to king Jesus, we are seeing the transformation of life happen right under our noses.  It as well comes with an amazing responsibility to continue efforts in bringing faithful discipleship and biblical grounding.  The Locus has continued to grow and through it we have given great priority to biblical literacy and understanding.  With the leadership of Dale Moore and Charlie Curtis, we are seeing people dive deeper into biblical material and understanding.  This effort will only grow in its impact and influence in the reach of our community.

Our community groups continue to push capacity. We multiplied our groups by 3 this past year and have already done 2/3rds of that in the first part of 2024.  We will continue this advance in the coming year with more leaders being raised and sent to multiply groups.  The testimonies out of these groups have been amazing.  Groups are more than "bible study" it is caring for and growing as the family of God together.  One of our core values is community, "counter cultural humility."  We are experimenting in community and deepening bonds as we live close with one another.  True community develops in groups, not solely at a Sunday gathering or service.

Our Sunday gatherings have been steadily growing each year.  Our trend this past year put us growing by roughly 100 people.  Thats pretty amazing.  In New Bern our average Sunday attendance was  325. While this was our average, we saw multiple Sundays where we exceeded 400 and on Easter of 2023 we saw 506 in attendance. As for our Point Peeps kids ministry we have seen many Sundays running around 80 kids.  This will become a pinch point in future growth for sure.  Good news is, we have more time and the possibility for building expansion when needed.  In the Exchange student ministry, Jordan has led around 30 students from middle school to high school, with great effectiveness. I'm always blown away at just how deep they go and grow.

As for community engagement, we found multiple areas to serve in feeding and loving on our city. One of the highlights this past year was the Tables Project. This year in just New Bern we gave away 5700lbs of food over the Christmas holiday. As a concerted kingdom effort we partnered with two other local churches to help get the food distributed and to those in greatest need. For 2024, we can easily see this ministry double in reach and possibly even further with more opportunities to bless throughout the year.

Finally, the generosity of our church amazes me.  Your willingness to give towards the kingdom only amplifies our ability to equip and release the church for her mission.  While giving remains strong, I sense we can press in even further.  What more will the Lord do as we become an even more generous people.  Challenge always follows the church, and this is the case financially as well.  More people does not always equal more money for mission.  So in this tension we continue to press on, trust God and steward well.

2024 is in full swing.  The Lord is stirring much more ahead.  Let's commit ourselves to full submission, full release and full dedication to the kingdom mission.  As long as we remain, may we continue to hold the banner for Lifting Jesus and Others in ENC and beyond!

Aaron Golden
New Bern Campus Lead Pastor

Impact Story

4 yrs ago God placed it on our hearts to move from Northern California to North Carolina through unexpected events. He went on to confirm it through some amazing ways.
And after many visits led us specifically to New Bern. We then spent years praying, planning, & dreaming. And exactly 1yr ago we stepped out in complete faith by leaving everything & everyone we knew & loved behind, all the while We trusted that He had plans & would help us work out all of the details. Details which would include leading us to a Home Church.
We ended up visiting a few congregations…
And in February 2023 when we attended Union Point, God made it clear that this was where we should be. There are too many positive things to list about Union Point, but when you can go to a transparent church, feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, be around people who are real, & the focus is on Jesus & not religion, THAT is what has impacted us the most. It makes it way easier to grow in a church environment that allows you to truly be who you are with no judgment, teaches straight from the Word with a balance of truth & love, & backs it all up with action…
This then opens the door for Jesus to do His work in our lives.
We are so thankful the Lord brought us to Union Point!!
Acts 17: 26-27
James and Tiffany Stevenson
New Bern Campus 


Well, Union Point Family, 2023 was the first full year of having a real life Church Plant right in the heart of “Downeast” North Carolina.
Many would consider any place from Kinston to the Coast; “Downeast”. However, ask anyone East of the North River Bridge….and they’ll let you know.
Union Point East, for all intents and purposes, has been an exercise in following God’s Plan to God’s Place for God’s Purpose.
God had a plan. Often, over the last year, walking in that has been a struggle in growing and pressing on despite challenges.  This is where I would like thank everyone who’s encouraged me…
especially my wife Pam.

God had a place. In fact, God was working in this place called “Downeast” before we showed up and set up in Otway in an old Pharmacy. He goes before us!
God had a purpose. We’ve often said that this area didn’t need another Church. It needed a different kind of Church. We sense that this is our purpose. Carrying out the Mission of
“Lifting Jesus and Lifting Others” John 12:32

Union Point East is yet in its’ infancy.  Not even Sixteen months old at the time of this annual report. We’ve got some growing and maturing to do.
 With all the mistakes and missteps we’ve made along the journey our Lord Jesus Christ has still honored the work that was birthed with a phone call.

We saw 16 people Baptized in 2023. Some in a blow up hot tub filled with well water and some in the Salty Core Sound. Don’t sweat the water source or shape.
I read that a Baptism Candidate, shortly after putting his faith in Christ, seems he stopped his Chariot Uber in a desert as soon as he saw some water! (Acts 8:36-38)
We were blessed to have 3 families that  chose to show their desire to honor God and their children by dedicating them to The Lord.

We were able to launch 4 Community Groups from Downeast to Morehead City in 2023. What these groups have meant to those that have joined and dove into real community cannot be overstated. Truly these groups have been life changing to those that commit to be a part!

Last year we averaged 105 for our Sunday Gatherings. The experts would say that 160 for us would mean we’re maxed out for our space.
 Aaron recently reminded me we had 186 for Easter in 2023! Maybe the experts don’t know everything LOL!
Just the last few weeks of early 2024 we’ve had nearly 140 in attendance during January & early February. It’s really been a blessing to see God working. At the end of the day it’s not about us.
It’s about God’s eternal work in the person and power of Jesus The Christ. “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” (Psalm 127:1)

People have continued to give to the Mission Downeast. I personally am asking God to give us hearts full of generosity.
Some have been faithful week in and week out in their giving. Others I pray will catch the vision and give cheerfully to move the mission forward in 2024.
“Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” (2nd Corinthians 9:7)
With giving in mind, I’d like to say a big “THANK YOU” to our New Bern Church Family because your giving helped us carry out the Ministry and Mission in 2023. We wouldn’t have been able to bridge the gap on our own!I’d love to report next year that in 2024 we were self sufficient in our finances. This will only be possible as we follow the Lord’s voice as Paul told the Corinthians. (Reference: 2nd Corinthians 9:7 above)Ministry in action has been exciting to see.  Read Hebrews 11 sometime. All those “By Faith” statements aren’t stand alone faith. It’s always followed by an attitude geared towards action. Angel Tree, Samaritan’s Purse, Mission Trips, Kid’s Ministry, Hospitality, Greeting, Music, Blessing others in their Ministry & Mission, Teaching, Preaching, joining in Community Group Relationships.
There’s yet more room to grow  in our faith and in our action.
We’re thankful to Jesus for every blessing we experienced in 2023!
May HE continue to bless The Union Point Family….Lord help us in the Kingdom Mission of Lifting Jesus and Lifting Others into 2024.

Jonathan Griffin
East Campus Lead Pastor

Impact Story

In the midst of our spiritual struggles Union Point East became a transformative haven. It is now, that we can clearly discern that God called us out of our comfort zone right into the back row of Union Point East on the second Sunday of 2023. For many years we had experienced an urge to make a change in our worship.  However, the solace of familiarity coupled with the fear of disappointing family and people we loved like family we chose to remain stagnant. In the months leading up to that January morning we had found ourselves battling spiritually, which had led to us slowly walking away from church.

As time went on, our children, who had been in church their entire lives, started to question why we were no longer attending church. When we found ourselves unable to give them honest answers, we knew we had to make a change. It was during this same time that we heard a new church was being planted in our small community. An invitation and a follow-up text message led to some advice I will forever be grateful for. Pam reached out and I asked her to pray for my family, because this was going to be a big decision. Despite the fact we had walked away from our “home” church we still felt an obligation to them. What she said to me was simple, yet powerful and her words resonated with me, “You have to be fed and you need to just want to go to church.”

That "want to go to church" and "be fed" was exactly what had been tugging at us for years. Being called out of our familiarity paved the way for profound spiritual growth. Amidst the challenges, the warm embrace and acceptance found at Union Point East proved to be the essential healing for our wounded spirits. The nurturing environment became the catalyst for a spiritual journey that not only mended our brokenness but also propelled us toward a newfound sense of purpose and connection.

Over the past year, Todd has recommitted his life to the Lord and was baptized this past Fall. Our journey has led to the formation of valuable friendships and the embrace of a newfound family. Actively engaging in our faith, we relish the opportunity to share our experiences with others, encouraging them to join us. The sense of belonging and the love for Jesus that permeates our lives now is truly a cherished gift.
Todd and Brenda Bridgers
East Campus 


LOCUS is the Union Point umbrella term for the equipping of the saints

To cultivate disciples committed to learning, equipped for leading and commissioned for launching through kingdom living.

To transform communities by leading present, prepared and purposed people.

This will be achieved by establishing around the year teachings, classes and apprenticeship trainings provided to the community for contextualized kingdom cultural influence.


2023 saw an increase in opportunities.
Multiple formats with multiple sessions were available.
Hybrid (Online and local)

The following gatherings occurred in 2023:
Amy Brinson - Bible Study Fellowship
Beth Walker - Precept Upon Precept
Charles Curtis - Unseen Realm
Dale Moore - Genesis, Covenant, Forgiveness, Power of Knowing God, Mark, Bible Communique Blog, The Word Podcast, Mark Podcast

We have expanded the online opportunities with:
- Mark Podcast
- FollowUP Podcast
- The Word Podcast
- Occasional “one-off” offerings

The above gatherings will continue in 2024 while adding Ann Bramble’s online NISS Precept.

We anticipate further exploration of:
Biblical Cosmology
Divine Council: Intro and Beyond
Unseen Realm: Intro and Beyond
Teachings parallel with Sunday gathering messages.

Community Groups did well in 2023 with most being at capacity and above.
There is a need for more groups.
Folk inquire on a weekly basis as to availability.
There are three new groups in the pipeline for immediate implementation.
Pray for more as the Lord raises up leaders for the harvest!
Dale Moore
Discipleship | Teaching