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We exist to lift.

 For every movement, organization, business or church, we have to identify our purpose. Both as the church and individually, we acknowledge and uphold the truth that our intended purpose as being created by God is to bring Him Glory. Within this purpose to glorify God, we have a specific calling and vision for His church here at Union Point. To help us keep this at the forefront of our hearts and lives, we answer the question, “why do we exist?” with, “We exist to lift Jesus UP in relationship community and mission all to the glory of God.” In this vision statement we see how to Lift Jesus and Others UP through properties of our values. These values are the things that define who we are, our culture and our purpose.


Our Mission is simple. LIFT JESUS LIFT OTHERS.  We get this from Jesus in John 12:32, where He tells His the disciples that, “If I be lifted up will draw all people to myself.”  We feel that it is our simple mission to courageously submit ourselves to Jesus and to lift Him UP before all people. If we lift Jesus up He will lift others up!


 To ignite a MULTIPLYING MOVEMENT that begins in New Bern and spreads throughout our surrounding neighborhoods, communities, cities, counties and state.


Relationship   |     Community     |      Mission
Jesus over Preference
Authenticity over Consumerism
Equipping  over Entertaining
Simplicity over Complexity
Movement over Monument

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