During this Covid-19 outbreak and quarantine period we are seeking to resources you as the church to press into the mission as individuals and families. Scroll down to find info that will help you lift Jesus and others.

Welcome to the resource page.

Pursuing Community

In a time of "social distancing" we find it a challenge to continue pressing into disciple-making and community. What if you were empowered to do all that Jesus commanded? What if its time you begin to take initiative to gather a small group to study, serve and commune together? Here are some ways we can engage below.
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Group Studies


From Genesis to Revelation, Sabbath is a theme that we see throughout the entire Scriptures. Rest is the posture from which God envisions, creates and rules His world. Engage with this 12 week study as it dives into the implications of rest in a time of doing


When trials, difficulties and suffering enters our world how can we see or find God's will? Jesus walked into the desolate place, he embraced this way as a direct link and connection with His father. Engage in this 6 week study to find God's will in the desolate.


For so many of us, we have heard much about Jesus' death on the cross, but what about His resurrection and its implications on/for our lives? This 8 week study is a walk through 1Corinthians 15 and Paul's teaching on the Resurrection, "the pathway to Eden."

Building Virtual Community Groups

In days of "social distancing" we may not be able to gather as a community face to face physically, but we can leverage technology to engage with one another.  We are starting intiatives to empower and reasorcues you as inidividuals to take matters into your own hands. Zoom and facebook live are a few ways to achieve this. The zoom platform offers you the ability to engage in groups virtually. Watch this video on the right to learn how to set up an account and take your group live.  As well click the "READ MORE" link below to read on the importance of gathering in small community groups, whether physically or virtually.


Enjoy listening to a playlist of songs normally played during any Union Point gathering.
Enjoy listening to a playlist of songs normally played during any Union Point gathering.

Don't watch the service alone.

Invite a few people over from your neighborhood over to watch the service together and discuss the current series and worship together. Never underestimate the deepening and reach that can happen when we open our homes to gather with other believers and even those who are seeking.

Family Resources

Below are some resources to assist you and your family during this time of being home based.

Family Devotionals

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How Great is our God

Based on Louie Giglio’s kid’s devotional How Great Is Our God: 100 Indescribable Devotions About God and Science, this reading plan will help kids discover the awe-inspiring connection between the natural world and the God who created it. From facts about space and time to the earth and weather, the human body, animals, plants, and more, the wonders of the universe will deepen your kids’ appreciation for God's wild imagination


Based on Louie Giglio’s kid’s devotional Indescribable: 100 Devotions About God & Science , this reading plan will help kids discover the incredible creation of our indescribable God and will help kids and parents discover the wonders of the universe with the Creator. It’s impossible to out-imagine God. He orchestrates time, creates light, and speaks things into existence—from the largest stars to the smallest starfish. God is a powerful, purposeful, personal, unparalleled Creator. Psalm 19:1 says, “The heavens tell the glory of God. And the skies announce what his hands have made.” This study can be done with kids and parents together and will encourage awe at God’s creativity. 

God of Wonders

In this 5-day devotion, your kids will explore the life of Moses and discover one of the most action-packed and exciting stories in all the Bible! From his miraculous birth to his emergence as the deliverer of God’s people, Moses’ story is nothing short of spectacular. But the true hero of this adventure is the God of Wonders who demonstrates time and again His unmatched power, wisdom, and love. 

A Happy Sunday

This fun plan for kids teaches real-life lessons from a Bible App for Kids story. Each day's video teaches a memory verse, a key truth, a song, and other concrete ways to help abstract truths stick. Visit to get this free, interactive app for your kids.

20 Verses 2020

This website is an incredible resource to families that would like to have regular family devotion time and also memorize scripture together as a family.

Big Dreams

We all want the kids in our lives to have strong and meaningful relationships with God. One thing kids can have a hard time understanding is that God wants them to talk to Him at any time about anything.  These Bible readings and devotionals will help kids understand that God's desire is to have everyone call on Him in prayer, and that He is always there to listen - no matter how big or small the prayer.

Home resource delivery

Fill out the form to recieve in home materials and resources for your kids. Our Point Peeps teams have put together a four week packet with studies and materials of which the kids can work on while you watch the weekly online service. If interested pleas include your address, email, phone and put the number of kids in your home in the message body.