Keep up to date with everything surrounding the COVID-19 virus and Union Point Church leaders are responding.

weekly update.

RE-Gathering updates
May 31 
10AM (All Leaders/Volunteers)

June 7
3 Services  Online 10am    OnCampus 9 and 1030am

Point Peeps
Kid’s Ministry

Our Amazing Point Peep Leaders will be:

•Sanitizing their hands as well as the kid’s hands when they enter the room, before snack, and before exiting the room.

•Sanitizing all surfaces and switching to pre-sanitized toy bins before and after each service.  

•Wiping door handles, light switches, and cleaning the restrooms before and after each service.

•Washing hands and wearing gloves while distributing snacks in our 3 youngest classes.  Individually packaged snacks and waters will be provided for our Kindergarten through 5th grade kids.  

To keep all our Point Peep Kids and Leaders safe and healthy, we ask that you partner with us by doing the following:

•If anyone in your family has been sick, has been experiencing any symptoms, or if you know that you or your family have been exposed to sickness, we ask that you stay home and enjoy our online experience.

•For those families that have younger children who require a diaper bag, we are asking that you put the necessities for service in a gallon size Ziplock bag labeled with your child’s name and send that instead of the diaper bag.

•If your kids attend the 1st service and are not staying for the 2nd service, we are asking that you pick up your kiddos as soon as possible in order for us to switch toys and clean for the 2nd service kids.

•If you are planning for your kids to attend the 2nd service, we are asking that you wait until 10:20 to drop off your sweet kids so that our leaders can effectively clean, sanitize, and switch toys between services.