Unraveling (Sabbatical Sojourning’s)

(Picture: Jude, Elyse, Evelyn and Eliza listening to the sound of the ocean.)

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

“We need to be the best version of ourselves. This isn’t easy. In the day and age of smartphones and Wi-Fi and globalization and travel and nonstop multitasking-our culture is fractured and pulled in a thousand different directions. We are fractured and pulled in a thousand different directions.

ADHD, stress, workaholism, burnout, connectivity- these are just words we come up with to name a world that is unraveling at the seams.”

John Mark Comer. “Garden City”

If there is one thing I could be legitimately be accused of, it would be an adrenaline junky. Whether skateboarding, surfing or riding motorcycles, much of my life has been in pursuit of the rush. In so many ways there is nothing like feeling this reeling shot of bodily generated and induced high. Living on the edge can bring a moments excitement which quickly unravels into a rope of sand.

In reflecting over how I have structured much of my life, outside of the youthful pursuit of extreme sports, I can see clear evidences of racing after this rush. The above quote from John Mark Comer brings to light the struggle of my personal pursuit to be identified by and in the things I pursue and do.

Let’s face it, doing more with the time we have is desired. With ever evolving technology there comes an ease of achieving more. For someone like me, who loves starting things, this can lead to the fractured existence John Mark speaks of. It is easy to be tricked into thinking more things equals a better you. I am not speaking of materialistic things or possessions, I am talking about more things that define you, give you perceived meaning and purpose. If not careful, these things can become the glory we seek, the definition of our existence, and boy what a sad existence this can become.

Lest I continue on rambling, let me tie this ever unraveling train of thought together.

Maybe God’s glory is not about the pile of achievements, accolades or accomplishments I can point to in my life and say, “everything I did was for your glory God.” Quite possibly, God is more concerned about the person I am becoming. And with what little bit of time I have in this existence, aligning the few things He made me for with His intended ends and purpose. Maybe, just maybe, this is what brings the delight of Eden into my life.

So, perhaps you are like me. Do you continually find yourself in the trap of thinking more is better? Possibly you are at the end of your career and you are trying to find that little bit of extra to make it easier to retire, or to have more time for rest and leisure. That’s awesome, but what if when you get there you find emptiness in the more? Or, maybe you are just starting out in your career and all you can think about is making all the money you can, in the shortest amount of time as you can, with as little energy as you can. What if when you get all of those things you still find emptiness and an unraveling life?

It’s a sobering thought. Yet, so often we find ourselves here. Unraveling may not be a bad place to be right now. Quite possibly, unraveling is the beginning of finding the single line of thread Jesus is desiring to use in your life to be the delight of Eden sent into our world. Being the best you is at the unraveled tattered ends of yourself and at the beginning of a woven tapestry of heaven’s delight.

Sometimes you have to stop what your doing, take a moment to pick up a shell and listen for the whisper of the ocean. Here is your permission. Stop. Listen for Jesus’ voice and move towards His delight.

Aaron Golden

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